It’ s just a final H – And that makes the difference

Algiers 16teen years old ❤

Sarah with final H. Oh yes you bet it! My name comes from a song by James Taylor: Sarah Maria. My complete name is, Sarah Maria, but someone has forgotten to write Maria, down (Italian Anagrafe)… My parents have given me a beautiful and precious name. ❤

I was born in Bedford in the Bedfordshire, 70 km from London.

Because of my father’s job (Diplomat at the Foreign Affaires), I had the opportunity to travel around the world. I have been travelled for 20 years (London, Geneva, Algiers, Wien, The Hague), I had a french education.

In 1996 I obtained the french & international baccalauréat (B.O.I. – Lycée International de Ferney – Voltaire). In 2008 I obtained a diplome/bachelor  in Foreign Languages & literatures (french & English at The Sapienza).

Writing, reading, and travelling, are my passion. And I have the opportunity “to use” them every day at work. Since 2011 I’ve been working for an On-line Travel Agency, World Leader in the tourism sector.

As a Support Coordinator, I strongly think that a positive attitude is fundamental, above all if you work with teams. A daily collaboration and a daily sharing, stimulate you and the others that surround yourself. I’m happy to help the team I work with, win!

I am also an Artcounselor in Training. The main goal is to create counselors, that can help people to find out their way. This takes place within the context of a supportive relationship in which the Counselor does not propose solutions, but instead he/she tries to facilitate the process. Students will explore tools like: communication skills, body language, artistic skills (music, writing, photography, dance, how to use their voice), in order to create a relationship, and accept change.

If you are able to look after yourself, you are able to take care of someone.

Un passo di danza alla volta

As Expedia promotes: I travel myself:


Because creativity is going to save the world. So please, help me help you!

What a job description! Isn’t it?

Sarah Maria ❤

Ah comunque so’ romana de adozione! 😉




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